The SIGNAL Lab is a place to conduct innovative research in AI that strengthens lab members’ research and professional skills and meaningfully contributes to the field and society. AI is a fundamentally collaborative field and we are a collaborative group, both with each other, and with other labs. Our approach to AI draws significant influence from diverse fields such as linguistics, cognitive science, psychology, and philosophy, among others. Researchers are encouraged to cultivate a broad intellectual base across relevant fields.

No one person is an expert in everything, and so we rely on each other’s expertise and respect each other’s contributions, regardless of credentials, level of achievement, or cultural or academic background. Researchers should be comfortable assisting each other and asking for help from each other and from faculty when needed. Novel approaches to research problems are particularly valued, and researchers are encouraged to come forward with new ideas, implementations, and research questions. Our goal is for every researcher to pursue questions that keep them excited and to be proud to take ownership of their research output, and to help all researchers further their chosen careers. All researchers are expected to adhere to the Colorado State University Academic Integrity Policy.

In conducting our research, we always consider the societal and ethical implications of our work. Researchers will be expected to think about the applications of their research output with respect to issues such as privacy, bias, equity, resource-sharing and usage, inclusion, and more.

In keeping with our commitment to diversity of thought and academic inquiry, the SIGNAL Lab is committed to improving equity of representation in computer science, and seeks to create an intellectually-stimulating environment for all researchers and collaborators. Discrimination or bigotry on the basis of race, sex/gender, orientation, class, ethnic/national origin, creed or religious belief, age, health or disability status, veteran status, etc. will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Behavior that violates the Academic Integrity Policy or the lab’s commitment to inclusion may be grounds for dismissal from the lab. Efforts to promote equity and justice in the lab, the department, the university, and the field will always find support here. Researchers will work together and self-organize not just in their research endeavors but in shaping lab research directions and policies (including this statement), and in creating a stimulating and empowering work environment that is supportive of everyone.