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Congratulations to Aniket Tomar!

Congratulations to Aniket Tomar on successfully defending his Master’s thesis!

Aniket’s thesis is entitled Exploring Correspondences Between Gibsonian and Telic Affordances for Object Grasping using 3D Geometry. This is a really interesting work in that Aniket took what was initially a negative result and probed it enough to draw a robust conclusion about the representation of Gibsonian and telic affordaces in 3D data and the difficulty of embodied tasks for even specialized machine learning models. Part of this work appeared in our AREA workshop paper at ESSLLI last summer.

Congratulations to Aniket! It’s been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to seeing what you do next!

Here we are after the defense with Aniket’s committee: myself, Prof. Nathaniel Blanchard and Prof. Ben Clegg from Psychology.

Aniket Tomar MS Thesis Defense

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